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WeightLossandco is an independent website that provides unbiased information about diet pills and other weight-related issues.

The Need For Independent Diet Pill Advice

About UsObesity is a growing problem in most areas of the world. Statistics show obesity rates in Britain have reached nearly 25%. In America the problem is worse because almost 38% of American adults are obese. The fact that so many people are struggling with weight issues has created a big demand for diet pills and other forms of weight loss supplement. In fact, statistics show the weight loss market is likely to have a value of $206.4 billion per year by 2019. Producing and selling diet pills has become a lucrative business and many supplement manufacturers are more interested in raking in money than supplying a product that works.

Many poor quality diet pills are marketed with a lot of big promises that makes them seem very enticing. Who wouldn’t want to have the body of their dreams without having to make do with less food or start taking some exercise? The marketing spiel can be very convincing and most dieters lack the knowledge necessary to see through the lies and misrepresented information that appear to support all of the hype. The deck is unfairly stacked in the diet pill manufacturers’ favour, so dieters have a very real need for independent, unbiased advice.

Why WeightLossandco

The WeightLossandco team consists of several expert writers who understand the weight loss industry, are familiar with all the ingredients, and know what value and/or dangers they can present. It is our hope the reviews and articles available on this site will provide dieters with the information they need to make an informed buying decision rather than falling for all the hype.


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