Adipex-P Australia – Prescription Appetite Suppressant

Adipex-PWhat does it do:
 Adipex-P Australia is a prescription appetite suppressant that contains Phentermine.

Pros: It’s prescribed by the medical fraternity

Cons: It’s prescribed by the medical fraternity and so a world away from being natural. It has side effects. Not easily obtainable. Looking very old now

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As far as its popularity goes, Adipex-P could be seen as being the American equivalent of Duromine. Both drug are prescription-only appetite suppressants that share the same active ingredient. The only difference between Adipex-P and Duromine is the capsules contain Phentermine as a hydrochloride instead of a resin.

Why Adipex-P is Not A Miracle Diet Pill

Dieters all over the world often see Adipex-P and other brands of Phentermine as a miracle weight loss aid that will allow them to lose lots of weight easily without making any real effort.

This is misguided thinking. Part of the problem is the fact that the governing bodies in many countries have made Phentermine medications available via prescription is often seem as an affirmation of the drug’s power.

The truth of the matter is, although these medications can be effective weight loss boosters, the restrictions are in place because Phentermine is capable of causing such a vast array of side effects it’s considered too dangerous to use without medical supervision.

In America, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) performs a similar role to that of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and both bodies insist the brands of Phentermine they have approved be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Any weight that is lost with such drugs is not solely due to the Phentermine they contain. Diet and exercise plays an important role. Dieters who try to use the drugs without the necessary diet and exercise may lose little or no weight at all.

Adipex-P Appetite suppressants

Adipex-P Suitability Issues & Side Effects

The FDA only allows doctors to prescribe Adipex-P to people who have a BMI of 30 or more or have a BMI that is between 25 and 29 that is accompanied by other medical conditions that are known to present extra dangers to individuals who are obese. It’s also worth noting the drug is only allowed to be prescribed for a maximum of 12 weeks, so it cannot offer dieters long-term support.

People who are overweight may still fail to qualify for an Adipex-P prescription if they have certain health problems, such as hyperthyroidism and schizophrenia. Anyone who is using MAO inhibitors is also unlikely to be prescribed Adipex-P. Some other medications are known to be incompatible with Adipex-P as well. And the drug is never issued to women who are pregnant.

Adipex-P has many known side effects, including:

  • Addiction
  • Uncontrollable anger
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Hallucinations
  • Slurred speech
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Impotence
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fainting

How Adipex-P Australua Suppresses the Desire to Eat

The Phentermine provided by Adipex-P has the ability to produce chemical and hormonal changes in the body that would normally only occur as a stress response, especially during times of danger. Anyone who has ever found themselves feeling too stressed to eat should be able to appreciate how effective this response is, and Adipex-P can trigger such a state for up to 14 hours per day.

Why Appetite Suppression is Not Enough

Unfortunately, appetite suppression alone is unlikely to be enough to help people to lose weight. If it was there would be no need for doctors to insist their patients use Adipex-P Australia in combination with diet and exercise.

Even when the drug is used in the required manner, the calorie shortage it causes is not as great as that instigated by diet pills that suppress the appetite while also boosting the metabolism and further accelerating the fat burning process in other ways. So, although Adipex-P and other similar drugs are not without value, they are greatly overrated.

Is Adipex-P Australia Worth the Risk?

If your doctor has prescribed Adipex-P Australia, and they are completely familiar with your present medical situation, the drug may offer enough value to make its use worthwhile, but it’s ability to support weight loss can be far exceeded by some of the diet pill formulations developed by some of today’s leading supplement manufacturers.

Unfortunately many people have a misguided faith in the drug’s prowess as a weight loss enhancer and try to buy it illegally online. This is definitely not worth the risk. The use of Adipex-P must always be supervised by a doctor. If it is not the potential for harm far exceeds the potential for good.

What Is Recommended

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PhenQ is arguably the best product currently on the market. It can suppress appetite, burn and block fat and also prove additional energy.

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