Alpha Woman Fat Burner Review with comments from customers

Alpha Woman fat burnerWhat does it do:
  Alpha Woman is a fat burner first and foremost that is advertised as a “4-In-1 Feel Good Thermogenic Energizer, Libido Booster, Appetite Suppressant & Mood Enhancer”.

Pros: Some good ingredients. The branding looks very pretty.

Cons: Not in the same league as PhenQ in our opinion

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Alpha Woman Fat Burner is a weight management supplement that is intended for women. Diet pills that are marketed as being gender specific are not uncommon these days, but this one is a little different from most because it is also designed to enhance the libido.

It is unclear where Alpha Woman is located. We were unable to find an official website, or any company details, and the product is only available via

What is Alpha Woman Fat Burner and How Does it Work?

According to the marketing material, Alpha Woman Fat Burner is a “4-In-1 Feel Good Thermogenic Energizer, Libido Booster, Appetite Suppressant & Mood Enhancer”.

Diet pills designed to provide appetite suppression and increase thermogenic fat burning are very common. The idea is they cause the body to experience a calorie shortage by reducing the amount of calories available (appetite suppression) and burning the calories received faster than normal (thermogenesis). When the body lacks calories it starts burning fat, so the theory is good.

Alpha Woman diet pills

Mood enhancing ingredients are also becoming an increasingly common diet pill feature because they can help prevent diet-related moodiness and discourage the desire to comfort eat. But a diet pill that may help you burn a few extra calories in the bedroom? That’s something new.

Key Ingredients

A full ingredient profile is provided and each of the ingredients is housed in one of two proprietary blends.

Each capsule provides:

Thermo-Focus Matrix

  • Eria Jarensis Extract (150mg): An extract taken from a species of orchid. It is occasionally added to supplements designed to enhance mood and focus. It is also believed to be an appetite suppressant.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): A powdered form of caffeine. It’s good for providing energy and gets to work quickly. Caffeine, in all its forms, is an incredibly common diet pill inclusion because it speeds up weight loss by suppressing the appetite and encouraging thermogenic fat burning. The amount included here is similar to that provided by 1 ½ cups of coffee.
  • Naringin (25mg): A flavonid that occurs naturally in grapefruit and some other citrus fruit. Naringin is often added to diet pills that contain caffeine because it appears to have the ability to accelerate its fat burning ability.

Mood & Libido Complex

  • Muira Puama Root (150mg): A plant extract that is sometimes called “the Viagra of the Amazon”. It has value as an energy tonic and Natives of the Amazon basin have been using it as a sex enhancer for many centuries.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (150mg): An amino acid that energises the body, fights depression, and increases the sex drive.
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract (125mg): An ingredient taken from a plant that belongs to the nightshade family. The unique blend of alkaloids an anoloids it provides are believed to stimulate the sex drive. In India it has been used for this purpose for many hundreds of years.
  • Maca Root (100mg): A Peruvian herb that is often touted to be an aphrodisiac, but expert opinion suggests it has limited value in this regard.

Usage Instructions

The Amazon sales page fails to provide any indication on correct usage, but each pack contains 60 capsules and is deemed a 30-day supply. The “Supplement Facts” state the bottle contains 60 servings, so it is safe to assume one capsule is required two times per day.

Alpha Woman Customer Feedback

Alpha Woman Fat Burner has gathered a reasonable amount of customer reviews, but opinions of the product are conflicting. Some people say it works. Others state it is a waste of time and money.

A few average customer reviews read:

“I love this fat burner. It gives me more focus and energy and I’m seeing some libido improvements too.”
“These pills are meant to give you energy. After 2 weeks I felt so lethargic my legs felt like lead and I found it hard to get out of bed. They turned me into a zombie.”
“This product does everything it is meant to do. It’s the best fat burner I have ever tried and gives me an amazing amount of energy. It has also done wonders for my sex life ;)”
“I was so excited after reading all the good things people were saying about this product, but it did not help me at all. I workout up to 2 times a day and was losing weight slowly. I began using these pills and gained 3 pounds.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

A number of customers say the product made them unwell and a surprising amount of people say their appetite increased.

Other reported side effects include:

  • Weight gain
  • Stomach upsets
  • Nausea
  • Extreme fatigue

We suggest all potential users play it safe, and ask their GP’s advice before they begin using Alpha Woman Fat Burner.

Where To Buy Alpha Woman Fat Burner

At the time of this review, Alpha Woman Fat Burner was unavailable to dieters living in the UK. The product can only be purchased via and shipping options appear to be limited to addresses located in the USA. A number of websites, such as Welcome Healthier You, appear to be selling the product, but anyone attempting to make a purchase is transferred to


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although the formulation contains several ingredients that may boost the sex drive, it’s ability to support weight loss is almost totally reliant on caffeine. There are no other power ingredients such as green tea, cayenne, or garcinia cambogia, and the fact that the caffeine content, though boosted with naringin, is diluted with so many other ingredients it can only detract from the value of the blend.

The fact that so many customers state use of the product resulted in negative consequences is also an issue. Alpha Woman Fat Burner may possess limited value as a weight loss provider, but there are better options available.

Recommended Fat Burner

PhenQ best choiceAs far as we are concerned PhenQ is the fat burner that sets the bar – it is a benchmark diet pill that appeals to just about anyone.

PhenQ can help burn excess body fat as well as block the creation of new fat from the food you eat. It can also help to reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite.

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