Appetite Suppressants, how can they help you lose weight

appetite suppressants and weight lossAppetite suppressants are arguably the most commonly search for diet pill. Anyone who is serious about losing weight realizes sacrifices have to be made. Excess body fat is the result of excess eating and nothing will change for the better until the urge to over indulge has been brought under control. This is one of the main reasons diets fail.

Once the body has adapted to living in a world of plenty any attempt to follow a low calorie diet can result in terrible hunger pangs and that nagging sensation in the belly is very hard to resist. That’s where appetite suppressants come in.

Many natural ingredients possess appetite suppressing abilities. The caffeine in coffee is a good example, and capsicum extract (cayenne) is also a powerful hunger killer, but when the term “appetite suppressant” is used people are generally referring to a diet pill or other form of weight management supplement.

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The Power of Appetite Suppression

Hunger pangs are generally at their worst during the first few weeks of a diet. This is one of the main reasons so many dieters throw in the towel so early in the game.

Eating from a plate that appears to show more porcelain than food can be a disheartening experience and resisting the temptation to indulge in between meal snacks can be a constant battle.

Such changes may seem drastic at first, but it has to be remembered the body does not require as much food as it has become used to, if it did the calories provided would have been burned as fuel instead of being stored away as fat. Unfortunately, this knowledge will not help make the hunger cravings go away, but a good appetite suppressant will.

When the appetite is suppressed, eating a reduced amount of food becomes less of a problem, and when less food gets into the belly the calorie intake is reduced. The use of a good appetite suppressant can cause the body to experience such a shortage of calories the body has to start burning its fat to get extra energy.

This is a highly desirable situation, but the fact that this can be achieved without any of the usual hunger pangs is an added bonus all dieters will appreciate.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

The appetite can be suppressed in a number of different ways. The weight loss drug Phentermine kills the appetite by stimulating hormonal secretions that put the body into a form of survival mode called “fight or flight”. This condition normally only occurs during times of danger.

When your life may be on the line, hunger could be a fatal distraction, and the body is built to survive, so whenever fight or flight is initiated all hunger urges disappear.

Although Phentermine causes hormonal changes, it does not have the ability to interfere with the actions of the hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Other appetite suppressants do have this ability.

Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you hungry. If your ghrelin levels are high you will feel like you could eat a horse. Leptin is an appetite suppressing hormone, so a high leptin level results in a reduced desire for food. Appetite suppressants that target the hunger hormones suppress ghrelin, while also increasing leptin. They can work well, but there are other ways to go.

A lot of the best appetite suppressing diet pills contain ingredients that cause a feeling of fullness inside the stomach. Nopal is a good example of an ingredient that works in this way. Glucomannan is another. Both are natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work and nopal is a particularly good option because it also contains a lot of nutrients that benefit the health.

Getting the Most From Your Appetite Suppressant

Then best way to use an appetite suppressing diet pill is to use it alongside a healthy diet. The appetite suppressant will help you to eat less, but low fat healthy foods are always a better option than calorie-rich alternatives like burgers and fries. Dieters who increase their level of physical activity will also attain better results because they will burn extra calories while they are exercising.

Choosing an Appetite Suppressant

Although any diet pill that can suppress the appetite can offer dieters enormous benefits, diet pills that combine appetite suppression with other features, such as fat blocking and fat burning can deliver far superior results because they prime the body for maximum weight loss in a number of different ways.

The Bottom Line

Hunger can be a very distracting sensation, so appetite suppressants can play an important role in a diet by making the problem go away. As the body gets used to receiving less food, hunger will not be so much of a problem, but many dieters who try to go it alone do not make it that far. A good appetite suppressant can help dieters to stick with the plan and see their diet through to the end.

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