Best Appetite Suppressants – Best Diet Pills To Suppress Appetite

best appetite suppressantsWhat are the best appetite suppressants. The constant battle with hunger pangs can be one of the worst things about trying to lose weight and in many cases it’s a battle dieters fail to win.

Giving in is easy. Sticking to your guns and seeing it through requires determination and a lot of self control.

Those who don’t have what it takes are not necessarily doomed to failure though.

There is no need to go it alone. Sensible food choices will still be required, but a good appetite suppressant can make a calorie controlled diet seem like a piece of cake by silencing a rumbling stomach, taking away all those tortuous feeling of hunger, and making it easier to live a life with less food.

Unfortunately, not all appetite suppressing diet pills do what they are supposed to do and finding an appetite suppressant that really works can be difficult. However, once again, there is no need to go it alone. We’ve taken a look at what’s available and come up with a list of five of the best appetite suppressants on the market.

PhenQ [Updated 2018] – Best Appetite Suppressant (and Fat Blocker/Fat Burner)

PhenQ best choiceA powerful multifunctional diet pill that is still somewhat of a newcomer, PhenQ’s renowned appetite suppressing ability is primarily due to the presence of a nopal.

Like chitosan, nopal has powerful fat binding abilities that can create a mass of bound fat inside the stomach that will make it feel full and bring on a feeling of satiety.

The formulation also contains several powerful fat burners including capsicum extract and A-Lacey’s Reset.

Capsicum’s prowess as a thermogenic fat burner comes courtesy of the capsaicin it contains, which has allowed it to become a key ingredient in many of the top fat burning products. It’s an ingredient that has longstanding respect.

A-Lacey’s Reset is a new ingredient that appears to have escaped the attention of most diet pill manufacturers. That’s a pity because it is scientifically proven to work and helped the participants in one study to say goodbye to 7.24% of their body fat.

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Phentaslim [Updated 2018]

Phentaslim Order InfoWith the kind of name it’s been cursed with, it would be easy to dismiss Phentaslim as just another dodgy Phentermine substitute.

Don’t do it! The product has been around for a great many years and has already helped thousands of dieters to lose weight. Unlike the prescription appetite suppressing drug it’s name appears to mimic, Phentaslim can do a lot more than take away hunger pangs.

Although customer feedback proves Phentaslim is extremely good at curbing hunger, reviews also show the natural blend of ingredients that powers the pills can be very effective for speeding up the metabolism and helping the body to burn its excess fat.

So, by suppressing hunger the pills make losing weight easier and by speeding the metabolism and boosting fat burning they make weight loss faster as well.

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Phen375 [Updated 2018]

Phen375 UK and USAA former market leader that continues to help a lot of people to reach their weight loss goals in a fast and huger-free way.

This appetite suppressing diet pill contains an advanced formulation of natural ingredients that has proven to be so good at quelling hunger many people who were using prescription Phentermine, and then switched to Phen375, say Phen375 works the best.

Like a lot of top diet pills, Phen375 has more to offer than appetite suppression. It also has some metabolism boosting ingredients, along with some that have been added to accelerate fat burning.

Dieters who opt to lose weight with Phen375 are also offered extra support in the form of calorie reduced meal plans and there are even some free Phen375 tutorial exercise videos to help dieters improve their weight loss results and get things done in the minimum amount of time.

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Gravitate Supersculpt [Updated 2018]

Gravitate AustraliaDon’t let the weird name put you off. Gravitate Supersculp is a seriously good appetite suppressing supplement.

It could be seen as a two part product because it’s sold with a supportive nutritional supplement called DietVits. The active ingredient in Supersculp is called glucomannan. Each pill contains 500g and two are required per dose.

Glucomannan is a water soluble fibre that expands inside the stomach and forms a gel that creates a feeling of fullness.

Health Experts at the European Food Safety Authority agree glucomannan is good for weight loss, and they recommend 1000mg doses, so the makers of Supersculp have got it right.

Although DietVits seems to be a strange idea at first, it’s not. It’s a very good one. The extra vitamins and minerals the pills provide will help ensure a lessened food intake does not result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The formulation also contains a lot of B Vitamins. This is a bonus because B Vitamins provide a healthy metabolism and help the body extract energy from food.

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Proactol XS [Updated 2018]

Proactol XSProactol XS has been around for a long time and has helped a lot of people turn their dreams of weight loss into a reality.

The product is primarily marketed as a fat binder. As far as the marketing goes, it’s abilities as an appetite suppressant are pushed into second place. This is not surprising when you understand a little bit more about how it works.

The active ingredient in Proactol XS is chitosan. There are two types of chitosan used for weight loss.

The most commonly-used form is extracted from shrimp, lobster, and crab shells. The best chitosan comes from a fungus (aspergillus niger). This is the type used in Proactol XS.

Chitosan helps people to lose weight by stopping the absorption of dietary fats. It achieves this by binding with the fat it encounters in the stomach and making it impossible to digest.

Every gram of fat that is absorbed would normally provide nine calories, so it’s easy to see why using a chitosan product can be a good way to lose weight. However, there is another plus with this product and it’s a big one.

The presence of such a mass of bound fat and chitosan can cause the stomach to feel full, and a full stomach is a happy stomach, so there will be none of that grumbling and groaning to tempt dieters to throw in the towel.

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