GlucoMetasyn Review – What Does It Do, Are There Side Effects

GlucoMetasyn ReviewWhat does it do: GlucoMetasyn is a capsule-type supplement designed to improve carbohydrate metabolism

Pros: It is made by a reputable company. It is suitable for both men and women.

Cons: Does not utilise the most effective forms of weight loss such as fat burning, fat blocking or appetite suppression. Not available worldwide. 


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GlucoMetasyn is a capsule-type supplement designed to improve carbohydrate metabolism. It was developed in France by OTC Trade. The company also market a fat blocker called LipoMetasyn and both products are produced in factories that comply to strict quality standards.

At first glance, GlucoMetasyn appears to be a pretty basic product because it only contains two ingredients (fenugreek and nigella), but things are not as simple as they seem. Both ingredients are obtained via a process called supercritical fluid extraction. According to expert sources, plant extracts that are isolated in this way are purer than extracts obtained by other methods. They also offer more potency.

GlucoMetasyn Review Australia

What is GlucoMetasyn and How Does it Work?

The capsules are designed to provide five main benefits:

  • Restore the natural balance of carbohydrate metabolism
  • Control blood glucose
  • Cholesterol management
  • Weight loss
  • Prevent metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of medical conditions, including high blood pressure and excess fat around the waist, that increases the risk of heart attacks.

Although GlucoMetasyn may succeed in catching the attention of people who are hoping to lose weight, OTC Trade appear to have created the product to treat metabolic syndrome and have a page on their website that provides an overview of the condition, some of the possible causes, and the risk factors involved.

If the capsules can do the things they are supposed to do, they should be capable of improving the overall health, but OTC Trade fails to provide any proof to support their claims.

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides:

  • Nigella (600mg): Also called Black Cumin, nigelle sativa has a long history of medicinal use. Research into its capabilities is ongoing and it has possible value as a treatment for cancer. This is not surprising because the compound is high in antioxidants and many ingredients that are blessed in this way, such as green tea, have a similar reputation. Nigelle Sativa is believed to offer many other health benefits, including lowering of cholesterol levels and blood pressure management, so its presence here may help ensure GlucoMetasyn does some the things it’s meant to do.
  • Fénugrec (500mg): An important ingredient in curry recipes, fenugreek is good for aiding the digestive system and offers many other health benefits, including increased libido, cholesterol control, and improved athletic performance. However, there is some evidence to suggest fenugreek may also have the ability to increase the appetite. If this is so, its presence here may scupper the best intentions of some people who need to lose weight.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required per day and should be taken together, with a glass of water, just before bedtime.

GlucoMetasyn Side Effects & Health Issues

The marketing material fails to state if side effects are likely to become an issue, but the product is unsuitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have existing health problems should always ask a doctor for advice before using any brand of supplement for the first time. The same advice is offered to people who are using medication or planning to use two or more supplements together.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although it is possible GlucoMetasyn may have the ability to improve dieters’ existing weight loss efforts (with diet and exercise), any value it offers is likely to be quite limited.

It does not provide appetite suppression, it is not a fat burner, a fat binder, or a fat blocker. Even some of the poorer diet pill options are likely to offer results that are superior to GlucoMetasyn.

But let’s not forget, the capsules are not intended to be used as diet pills and will no doubt offer more value in other areas, such as cholesterol management and the prevention of Metabolic Syndrome. However, there is no customer feedback available.

Nor is there a money back guarantee, so anyone can be excused if they decide they would rather try an alternative product instead.

Where To Buy GlucoMetasyn

GlucoMetasyn only appears to be available via the manufacturer’s website and only to French speaking customers (in France, Belgium and Switzerland). Each box contains 36 capsules and costs 31,95 €. Customers who order two or more boxes of GlucoMetasyn, or add a box of LipoMetasyn to their order, receive a modest discount.

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