Hydroxycut Platinum Review – Positives and Negatives

Hydroxycut PlatinumWhat does it do:
Hydroxycut Platinum is advertised as a 5 in 1 formula that provide powerful weight loss

Pros: It does contain some valuable and beneficial ingredienys

Cons: There are far better options on the market in our opinion

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Hydroxycut Platinum is a diet pill made made in America by Iovate Health Sciences International. It’s marketed as a “5 in 1 formula” and the five offered benefits are:

  • Active probiotics
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Naturally sourced energy
  • Powerful weight loss

Vitamins and minerals are never a bad inclusion, and the presence of probiotics may benefit gut health, but this is essentially a caffeine driven weight loss supplement that is not nearly as advanced as the marketing material suggests.

Hydroxycut Platinum ingredients

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

The Superfruit Matrix can safely be ignored. None of the fruits it contains are generally associated with weight loss.

The Weight Loss Complex and Probiotics+ (proprietary blend) contains a patented probiotic called LactoSpore, but it’s presence is likely to do little more than give the formulation bragging rights that may impress a few people who are sold on the health benefits this “good bacteria” may provide.

White kidney bean can lower the calorie intake by blocking carb digestion, and red mango is also a respected weight loss aid, but the fact that the blend contains 200mg of c. canephora robusta green coffee bean, suggests these ingredients are unlikely to be included in sufficient quantity.

Green coffee bean is a good ingredient though. The chlorogenic acid it supplies is known to speed the metabolism and encourage fat burning.

HuperzineThe Thermo + Energy Matrix (proprietary blend) is also mostly coffee, but it’s off the roasted kind, so any chlorogenic acid it once contained will have been lost. However, all but 5mg of the 205mg dose provided is caffeine. This is likely to make Hydroxycut Platinum unsuitable for anyone who has a low tolerance of caffeine, but the proven metabolism boosting capabilities of caffeine should be capable of supporting weight loss.

Huperzine is a plant extract that is sometimes used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s presence here is unlikely to further the aims of the blend. L-theanine is a better inclusion because it may prevent the harsh energy spikes that can sometimes result from caffeine consumption and it’s generally believed capable of negating a lot of other caffeine negatives.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required two times per day and should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before a main meal. New users are warned to take a reduced dose of one capsule two times a day for the first three days and monitor for tolerance problems.

Hydroxycut Platinum Customer Comments

A few average comments read:

“I lost 7lbs in two weeks on these pills, so I guess they must do something to the metabolism, but I find them a bit too pricey to invest in again.”
“Very disappointing product. I haven’t lost so much as a pound.”
“Hydroxycut Platinum is a good fat burner that has helped me to lose over 24 pounds so far and given me a truck load of extra energy.”
“All these pills did was give me gas and make me throw up. No weight loss at all.”

Hydroxycut Platinum Side Effects

Stomach upsets and vomiting appear to be the most commonly reported side effects, but customer reviews suggest other side effects and allergic reactions may also be a possibility. We suggest all potential users seek medical advice before using Hydroxycut Platinum to try and speed up their existing weight loss efforts.

Where to Buy Hydroxycut Platinum

Hydroxycut Platinum is not available to buy via the Hydroxycut website, and most online stores that stock the product do not ship to Australia. The only exception we found was Vitamin World and their price is USD$ 44.99 (AUD$ 58.80) per (60 capsule) bottle. Additional charges are made to cover air mail shipping costs and customers are warned they may have to wait up to three weeks to receive their package.


Hydroxycut Products are not backed by a guarantee.

The Final Verdict

Despite the fact that some customers claim the pills did not provide them with any benefits, we think Hydroxycut Platinum should be able to boost weight loss for certain individuals.

This will be largely due to its caffeine content. The users who experienced no benefits at all may have been people who normally consume a lot of caffeine and have become desensitised to its effects.

At the other end of the scale, the individuals who stated the formulation made them feel unwell could have been overly sensitive to the stimulatory effects of caffeine. Bearing in mind the properties of this product could probably be simulated by drinking a few cups of coffee, popping a vitamin pill, and then eating a probiotic yoghurt, Hydroxycut Platinum is not a particularly impressive diet pill.

However, the fact that it is so hard to find a supplier willing to ship to Australia will mean many dieters will opt to choose another option anyway.

Recommended Diet Pill

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PhenQ is free of gimmick, it does what it says on the tin (or box)

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