LipoMetasyn Fat Binder – Positives and Negatives

GlucoMetasyn ReviewWhat does it do: LipoMetasyn is a fat binder. Products that are designed to work in this way contain ingredients the body is unable to digest.

Pros: It is made by a reputable company. It is suitable for both men and women.

Cons: Does not utilise the most effective forms of weight loss such as fat burning, fat blocking or appetite suppression. Not available worldwide. 

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LipoMetasyn is a fat blocker produced in France by OTC Trade.

It’s unclear if the company has much experience when it comes to manufacturing products of this nature, but they certainly don’t appear to be a “big name” in the supplement industry and their only other product is a supplement intended to improve carbohydrate metabolism. It’s called GlucoMetasyn and neither product could be said to have taken the world by storm because we were unable to find any customer reviews and they have not received a mention in any of the popular diet and fitness forums or blogs.

GlucoMetasyn Review Australia

What is LipoMetasyn and How Does it Work?

Like the majority of commercially available fat blocking products, LipoMetasyn is a fat binder. Products that are designed to work in this way contain ingredients the body is unable to digest.

Fat binding ingredients have no nutritional value at all, but they have the ability to attract dietary fat and “bind” with it. The resulting amalgamation causes the bound fat to become as resistant to digestion as the fat binder that has ensnared it, so it passes through the body without releasing any calories and exits with the stool.

Fat blockers can be a good weight loss aid because each gram of fat that is digested provides the body with nine calories. This is more than twice the amount of calories provided by protein and carbohydrate. That’s why people who eat a lot of fat tend to become what they eat.

Key Ingredients

The LipoMetasyn formulation contains unspecified amounts of poliglusam and Vitamin C.

The marketing material states the presence of Vitamin C plays an “essential role in the perfect bio-mechanical action” of the main ingredient and encourages “good solubilization of Poliglusam”, but they don’t provide any proof to back this up. However, Vitamin C is very good for the body and is known to boost immune system function, so it’s a good ingredient to have.

Poliglusam an insoluble, non-digestible fiber derived from the cell walls of non-genetically modified compounds taken from aspergillus niger (a species of fungus).

It’s really just a form of chitosan and chitosan is probably the most popular fat blocking ingredient in the world. The most commonly used type of chitosan is taken from the shells of crabs and other sea-living crustaceans, but aspergillus niger is believed to be more powerful and is a superior option for anyone who is vegetarian and/or allergic to seafood.

OTC Trade claim their blend of poliglusam and Vitamin C can capture up to 800 times its own weight in fat. That would be very good, but were were unable to locate any evidence to support this claim.

Usage Instructions

The OTC Trade website does not provide any information about the dosage requirements.

LipoMetasyn Side Effects & Health Issues

The official sales page fails to state if side effects have been reported, but the use of fat blockers can cause the body to become deficient in certain vitamins that are normally obtained via dietary fats (Vitamin C is not one of them).

For this reason, it is advisable to use a vitamin supplement as well while using fat blockers. Due to the way that they work, fat blockers also cause the stool to become softer and greasier and it is not unusual for fat blocker users to experience slight spotting on their undergarments.

Greater problems arise when people use fat blockers as a cheat pill and continue to eat a lot of food that is high in fat. This gives the fat blocker extra fat to work upon and can cause the stool to become so soft it moves through the intestines very quickly. The resulting need for the toilet can happen so fast it’s impossible to control, so anyone who thinks LipoMetasyn may be a good cheat pill could find they have messed up in big way.

As with all products of this type, women who are pregnant or nursing a child will need to get their doctor’s approval before using LipoMetasyn. The same advice applies to potential users who have existing health problems and to anyone who is using medication.

Where To Buy LipoMetasyn

You can only buy LipoMetasyn from the manufacturer’s website. Each box contains 60 capsules and the price is 31,95 €. People who order two or more boxes of LipoMetasyn, or add a box of GlucoMetasyn to their order, become eligible for a small discount.


There is no money back guarantee.


We have no doubt about the role fat blockers can play in weight loss and, on the face of it, LipoMetasyn looks pretty good. Unfortunately, when you sweep aside all the promises and dig a little deeper, it does not compare well to competing products.

OTC Trade fails to provide any links to authority sites that contain information to back up the claims they are making and, although aspergillus niger is known to be a powerful fat binder, we see no reason why poliglusam is likely to outperform other versions of aspergillus niger.

The original fungal form also contains other components that poliglusam does not, so it is possible the loss of these compounds could cause poliglusam to deliver inferior results. There are no customer reviews to provide an idea of how well the product performs, nor is there a guarantee.

LipoMetasyn may do everything the manufacturer claims, but some competing products have plenty of positive customer reviews and a guarantee as well, so it seems likely that’s where the smart money will go.

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