Phentatrim Appetite Suppressor With Glucomannan

Phentatrim appetite suppressorWhat does it do:
 Phentatrim can help it’s users in a number of ways – although it is predominately an appetite suppressor

Pros: Great ingredient profile with solid scientific and clinical evidence to prove their efficacy. Lots of real cutsomer testimonials.

Cons: Not a great deal of negatives 

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Phentatrim is a diet pill made by Optimum Nutra. The company is also responsible for creating a diet pill called Phentaslim that works so well it has already helped more than 200,000 people to lose weight.

It’s obvious both pills have been named in a way that is likely to attract the attention of people looking for a safe alternative to the prescription appetite suppressant Phentermine, but Phentatrim is probably closer to being a real Phentermine substitute.

Although Phentaslim has proved to be more effective than Phentermine, it’s a hardcore fat burner that possesses appetite suppressing capabilities.

Phentatrim is a powerful appetite suppressant that improves fat burning capabilities. Both products are good and customers love them both, but Phentatrim may be a slightly better option for people who find it particularly hard to keep their hunger cravings under control.

Phentatrim Benefits

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Fast-acting formulation
  • Suppresses the appetite and stops hunger urges
  • Encourages healthy thyroid function
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Contains EFSA approved ingredients
  • Blended to create a lean-belly breakthrough

Manufacturer and Distribution of Phentatrim 

Optimum Nutra is a leading supplement manufacturer that is sometimes not given the respect it deserves.

A lot of manufacturers bombard the market with a multitude of second-rate supplements, but quantity is no substitute for quality.

Optimum Nutra spends a lot of time on research and development and only launches a product when they are confident it will work.

Phentatrim is only their third product, but both of their earlier formulations (Phentaslim and Superfruit Slim) have gained a tremendous amount of respect from dieters all over the world and Phentatrim already appears to be an instant success.

The Correct Way to Use Phentatrim

Phentatrim is intended to be swallowed with one or two glasses of water and three doses are required each day:

  • Two capsules 20-30 minutes before eating breakfast
  • Two capsules 20-30 minutes before eating lunch
  • Two capsules 20-30 minutes before eating dinner

Phentatrim Ingredients

Two capsules provide:

  • Konjac root (1g)
  • Chromium (24µg)
  • Iodine (90µg)

Is Phentatrim Likely To Work

glucomannan is in PhentaslimPhentatrim may not contain many ingredients, but the ones it does have are very good and should be capable of allowing the formulation to do what it’s supposed to do.

The main ingredient is konjac root. This ingredient is often called glucomannan. It’s ability to absorb liquids is phenomenal and it can soak up many times its own weight in water.

When konjac soaks up water it expands in the stomach and causes a feeling of fullness that dramatically reduces the desire for food.

This allows konjac users to be satisfied by smaller portion sizes at mealtimes and helps them to escape the desire to snack. The appetite suppressing ability of konjac has been proven time and time again and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have evaluated the data and issued specific guidelines on how konjac should be used.

According to the EFSA, three 1g doses of konjac are required per day and should be taken with one to two glasses of water, before eating a meal. Phentatrim provides the right amount of konjac and people who follow the Phentatrim usage guidelines will also obtain the correct amount of water to hydrate the konjac fibers and suppress the appetite.

Phentatrim The second ingredient is chromiumThe second ingredient is chromium. Research conducted at the University of Vermont shows supplementation with chromium improves insulin sensitivity and glucose control, resulting in reduced visceral fat accumulation and weight loss.

Chromium’s ability to interact with insulin also allows it to reduce sugar urges and it’s good for helping maintain energy levels too because it helps the body extract calories from food and transfer the energy to the cells.

Last, but not least we have iodine. The thyroid gland needs iodine to manufacture the hormones that control the metabolism. Iodine deficiency is surprisingly common and supplementation with iodine is a very effective way to speed up the metabolism and make the body burn calories faster.

Phentatrim before and after

Phentatrim Customer Opinion

Our online searches found a wealth of reviews provided by people with first-hand experience of the product and Phentatrim appears to have succeeded in impressing a lot of people.

Some typical comments read:

“I’m losing 10lbs most months and sometimes a bit more and it’s all because of Phentatrim. I know what a good appetite suppressant it is because I can feel it working. I feel the extra energy too and I know I’m burning fat because I can see it when I look at the man in the mirror or step on the bathroom scale. I’ve lost 35lbs up to now and haven’t felt this good in years.”
“I’ve been burned so many times in the past I’ve become very skeptical of diet pills and only took a risk on Phentatrim because it’s made by such a reputable company and has a guarantee. I’m happy to say it started working on the very first day. My hunger levels start to decrease about 15 minutes after I take the pills and by the time I eat my meals I don’t need a lot to satisfy me. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in energy and that’s a real plus when you’re a busy mum. If you need a good diet pill I recommend you give this one a go.”
“I knew I needed to severely cut down on my food if I ever wanted to get out of my size 22 dress, but I couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. Then I noticed a work colleague was losing a lot of weight. I asked her what her secret was and she told me she was using Phentatrim. Now I’m using it too. It may be a long time before I’m in a size 12 dress, but I’m losing 3lbs a week now because the pills are controlling my hunger so it can’t control me.”

Phentatrim Known Side Effects

No side effects have been reported. Using konjac products can sometimes lead to constipation, but only if the product is not taken with a sufficient amount of water.

Anyone using Phentatrim in the recommended way should not have this problem. However, people who have existing health issues should always check with a doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program or starting to use a brand of supplement for the first time.

This is also the case for women who are pregnant or nursing a child and for anyone who is using medication(s).

Phentatrim Summary

Phentatrim is a good appetite suppressant that has other abilities that can provide dieters with additional support.

Customer reviews are excellent and anyone who chooses to use this product, and does so in the recommended way, will no longer have to suffer annoying hunger pangs or feel worn out and fatigued because they are eating less food.

Product users should also experience a marked improvement in their fat burning ability. This will result in weight loss and Optimum Nutra’s money back guarantee is there to provide extra peace of mind. The only thing you have to lose with a product like this is your fat.

Phentatrim Buying Options and Guarantee

You can only buy Phentatrim directly from the manufacturer.

Phentatrim appetite suppressorThis means there can be no shopping around, but the product is very reasonably priced and buying directly from a manufacturer is always the best way to be sure you’re getting a genuine product.

Free worldwide shipping is available, multi-buy discounts are offered, and customers who buy Phentatrim are also given a 60-day money back guarantee.

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