Sibrutal Appetite Suppressant Review

Sibrutal reviewWhat does it do: Sibrutal is a supplement marketed as a “stomach blocker”. Although the terms “fat blocker” and “carb blocker” are pretty common in the marketing material used to promote weight loss products, “stomach blocker” is not.

Pros: It contains Glucomannan, a highly effective appetite suppressing ingredient.

Cons: Can cause a laxative effect, some customers complain of side effects.

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Sibrutal is a supplement marketed as a “stomach blocker”. Although the terms “fat blocker” and “carb blocker” are pretty common in the marketing material used to promote weight loss products, “stomach blocker” is not.

We’d never heard it before. The manufacturer claims the pills have the ability to act like a balloon that fills up the stomach cavity and suppresses the desire for food.

The use of the word “balloon” is probably over-the-top, but some natural ingredients have the ability to swell inside the stomach and produce this effect.

Glucomannan offers the best value in this regard, so we were surprised to discover Sibrutal does not contain any. We were even more surprised to learn the only active ingredients are psyllium husk powder and cascara sagrada because they are both laxatives. Admittedly, the laxative effect provided by psyllium husk does involve a swelling effect but it is unlikely to be enough to cause appetite suppression.

Sibrutal Advertised Benefits

  • Fills the stomach
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Helps you to eat up to 75% less food
  • Reduces calorie intake
  • Safe, natural and easy to use
  • No long workouts required

How to Use Sibrutal

Two capsules are required, three times per day, and should be taken with 8oz of water just before meals.

Active Ingredients

Six capsules contain:

  • Proprietary Blend (psyllium husk powder + cascara sagrada) (3,000.12mg)

Does Sibrutal Work

  • Psyllium husk powder is a fibrous compound taken from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant. The fact that it absorbs water while it is in the digestive organs allows it to bulk and soften the faeces, so psyllium husk is often used as a natural treatment for constipation. There is a possibility the bulking effect may cause some degree of satiety, but the ingredient is unlikely to offer dieters the level of appetite suppression they need to lose weight.
  • Cascara sagrada is a plant extract that used to be used as a laxative drug in the USA, but was demoted to supplement status. It is still used in some over-the-counter herbal remedies intended to loosen the bowel, but cascara sagrada is not normally associated with weight loss and has no appetite suppressing abilities at all.

Sibrutal Customer Testimonials

The Sibrutal website contains a few customer testimonials that make the product appear to be an effective weight loss aid, but a site disclaimer states the providers were remunerated in exchange for their reviews. Reviews published at less biased sites suggest the product may offer the most benefit to people suffering from constipation.

“I bought these pills because I thought they would help me to lose weight. All they did was make me go to the toilet more often.”
“If you need something to help keep you regular these pills should do the trick. If you don’t, LOOK OUT!! I was pretty regular to start with so they gave be bad diarrhoea.”
“I felt a little less hungry and even lost a pound or two, but I think the weight I lost may have been water because I was going to the loo such a lot I am sure I must have become dehydrated.”

Suitability Issues

Experts warn against using laxative products over extended periods of time and state overuse may lead to impaired bowel function and laxative dependency. Losing weight is a slow process, so this product is unlikely to be a good option for most dieters.

Sibrutal will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have existing ailments and health problems should always ask their doctor’s opinion before using any brand of supplement. The same advice is offered to people using medication.

Sibrutal Potential Side Effects

Sagrada stimulates the nerve endings in the large intestine. This causes the intestinal wall to contract and helps ease the passage of faeces through the bowels, but it may also lead to painful stomach cramps.

The use of laxatives can also interfere with the way drugs and medications are absorbed (including contraceptive pills). There may also be a risk of dehydration and/or vitamin deficiency which, in turn, could lead to further problems such as headaches, dizziness and feelings of weakness.

Where To Buy Sibrutal

Although the official website seems to be functioning correctly, the option to purchase Sibrutal has been removed and replaced with a statement that states the site is under maintenance.


The manufacturer does not offer customers a money back guarantee.

The Final Judgement

Sibrutal is unlikely to help anyone lose weight faster. As a treatment for constipation, it will probably excel so it is strange that the laxative effect of the main ingredients is not mentioned in the marketing material. However, the diet pill industry is worth billions.

Constipation cures are unlikely to be nearly so lucrative. Many (unscrupulous) manufacturers add laxatives to weight loss products because their presence can result in a temporary weight loss. It’s caused by the presence of less faeces in the body, but people often mistake it for fat loss.

Diet pills that contain laxatives is one thing, this is the first time we have encountered a laxative product masquerading as an appetite suppressant, but if you have a sluggish bowel Sibrutal could be a godsend.

Recommended Alternatives

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