Slimming Patches, Weight Loss Patches – Any Good?

Slimming PatchSlimming patches (or weight loss patches) are an easy weight loss solution for people you find the concept of taking diet pills difficult.

The problem with we humans is we sometimes spend so much time dreaming about the future we miss the important things that are right in front of our nose. This certainly appears to be the case with weight loss patches.

When scientists in Singapore recently announced they’d developed a new weight loss patch that appears to work well for mice it became big news, but weight loss patches have been available for a long time, patch technology has been improving in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and some of the best weight loss patches have already helped thousands of people to lose weight.

Like the nicotine patches that can be so effective for weaning people off health-damaging cigarettes, patches designed to improve weight loss normally use a delivery method called skin absorption.

When a patch of this nature is placed on the skin, the active ingredients remain in contact with the skin all the time it’s left in place (usually 24 hours) and gradually pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream. The rate at which this happens remains constant.

Slimming patch

The same cannot be said for ingredients that enter the body after being swallowed in a capsule or tablet.

When ingredients are delivered to the body in this way there is sudden peak shortly after administration and the amount of ingredients in the blood diminishes over the following hours before peaking again when the next dose is taken, four to six hours later.

People using patches only need to remember to replace their patch at the same time each day and ingredient levels in the blood should remain constant for the entire treatment period.

Although there is no denying the fact that the top diet pills are extremely effective, swallowing pills is not the best way to get things into the blood because the digestive enzymes have such a harsh action diet pills ingredients lose a lot of their potency before they get chance to enter the blood stream.

Skin absorption allows people to get the maximum benefit from weight loss ingredients by bypassing the digestive organs completely and around 95% of ingredient potency is retained. This allows patch manufacturers to use less ingredients while also ensuring patch wearers get the maximum benefits.

How Slimming Patches Work

Although weight loss patches use a different ingredient delivery technique, they normally work in the same ways as diet pills.

Likely benefits include:

  • Faster metabolism (burns extra calories)
  • Hunger suppression (makes it easier to be satisfied with less food)
  • Improving the fat burning process

how slimming patches workThe best weight loss patches on the market are incredibly good, but the patch that the scientists in Singapore are trying to develop does not work by skin absorption or offer any of the above benefits.

With a size of just one square centimeter, it’s only small but it contains hundreds of tiny micro-needles made from bio-compatible polymers that contain an anti-obesity drug.

The patch has to be pressed into the skin and held there for two minutes. This allows the micro-needles time to penetrate the surface of the skin and embed in the fat below.

When the patch is removed the micro-needles stay in place and gradually dissolve, releasing their content into the fat. The drug turns the normal white body fat into energy-burning brown body fat. So far the patch has only been tested on mice, but the results were good. The mice lost over 30% of their body fat in less than four weeks.

Are Micro-Needles Really the Answer?

One of the team’s two principal researchers, Professor Chen Peng, makes it sound like a micro-needle patch is the only answer. “Right now, there’s no way to treat obesity, allowing it to create a great social and clinical burden,” Chen said.

This is far from being true, although there are no magic cures, many people lose weight by using a combination of diet and exercise. People who want to speed things up or need help to deal with hunger cravings   can use diet pills and all the leading brands can produce very good results.

Slim Diet PatchThere are also a number of good weight loss patch options available, the best of which is probably Bauer Nutrition’s Slim Diet Patch.

It’s powered by 100% natural ingredients, has already helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight, and Bauer Nutrition have so much faith in its ability to enhance weight loss they offer customers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Does the world need a weight loss patch that embeds needles into the skin?

The scientists behind the project appear to believe it does, but the process sounds rather unpleasant, has not been proven to work on humans, and goes against nature to a certain degree by tampering with existing body tissue.

However, speculating the pros and cons of a weight loss patch that may never become available is futile.

The scientists say it could be five to ten years before the patch is ready for market and, even if the project makes it that far, people will not be able to buy the patch unless it receives the necessary approval by government regulatory bodies.

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Slim Diet Patch – Pros and cons with customer feedback

Slim Diet PatchWhat does it do:
 The Slim Diet Patch attaches to the skin, the ingredients are absorbed (similar to a stop smoking or a pain relief patch) and help you lose weight by suppressing appetite and burn body fat

Pros: It’s simple to use, cost effective and highly effective

Cons: There are not that many negatives – if any.

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As the name suggests, Slim Diet Patch is a diet patch. You stick it on your skin and it is supposed to help you lose weight. Sounds kind of iffy, doesn’t it?

We had some initial doubts as well, but the medical profession uses patches to alleviate pain all the time, and nicotine patches are accepted as being a viable smoking cessation aid, so a calorie crunching skin patch is not as crazy as it sounds. It’s true there are similar products on the market that have let a lot of people down, but this one is different.

First of all, it’s made by Bauer Nutrition and the company has a reputation for producing products that work. They also back all their products with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The second thing that makes Slim Diet Patch so different from other diet patches is an awful lot of people who’ve used it are saying it works.

What are the Promised Benefits?

  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • Fast acting formulation
  • Helps you to lose weight 24 hours a day
  • Burns away body fat
  • Retains a greater potency than capsules or pills
  • Delivers results within just a few weeks

Can a Patch Really Help Me to Lose Weight?

Slimming PatchDermal patches offer a simple and extremely effective way of getting drugs, nutrients, or other compounds into the body.

The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream via the small blood vessels situated in the subdermal flesh. This method of action gives Slim Diet Patch an advantage over conventional diet pills.

The ingredients in diet pills have to be processed by the digestive system before they are absorbed into the blood and the digestive enzymes are so harsh even the best diet pill ingredients can be robbed of some of their power.

What are the Ingredients and What Do They Do?

The three key ingredients are:

  • Fuсuѕ Vеѕісulоѕuѕ (sеаwееd Ехtrасt): Fucus is unusually rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s good for weight loss because it provides iodine, which stimulates the thyroid gland and encourages it to release hormones that are important for a quick metabolism.
  • Grееn Теа Lеаf Ехtrасt: A safe and natural ingredient that has proven fat burning abilities and can also lower “bad” cholesterol levels and help ensure a healthy heart.
  • Асаі Fruit Ехtrасt: Acai is a nutritious berry extract that is added to many weight loss supplements. It provides a combination of pytosterols, fatty acids, and amino acids that boost the metabolism and help the body start to burn off its fat. Acai further boosts weight loss by reducing hunger urges.

Slim Diet Patch uses

How Do I Use Slim Diet Patch?

Make sure the skin is clean and dry and then stick a patch to your arm, thigh, back or shoulder. Take it off 24 hours later and place a new one on a different area of skin.

What Do Past Customers Have to Say About the Product?

They can take some finding, but there are plenty of customer reviews and all of them appear to be good.

A few statements made by past customers read:

“I figured nicotine patches work, so why not a diet patch and then there was the guarantee. I had nothing to lose financially so why not give it a go. That was eight weeks ago and I was 38 pounds heavier back then. Best buy I ever made.”
“I don’t usually write reviews, but this time I am making an exception. This diet patch by bauer nutrition is so easy to use it’s ridiculous. It takes just seconds to stick it on and it works exactly like they say. All my puppy fat was gone in less than 12 weeks and I love all the extra attention I’m getting from guys.”
“Wow! Who thought something like this could work? I’ve been using Slim Diet Patch for 5 weeks and have lost 26 lbs so far. These patches totally blow me away.”

Are There Any Side Effects?

It’s a patch you stick to your skin. Unless you are allergic to any of the active ingredients, you would be hard-pushed to find a more gentle weight loss product.

However, it is always good practice to check with your doctor before using any new product or taking steps to lose weight. This is especially true in the case of women who are pregnant or nursing a child, people using medication, and individuals who have medical problems or concerns.

Is There a Guarantee

Bauer Nutrition are offering customers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Is It Worth Buying the Bauer Nutrition Slim Diet Patch

If you need to lose weight it is certainly worth buying Slim Diet Patch. It’s a very clever product developed by a credible company. Customer reviews show that it works and the 60-day money back guarantee provides a financial safety net for anyone who thinks a diet patch could never work, but is hoping to be proved wrong.

Where Can I Buy Slim Diet Patch?

Slim Diet PatchYou can only buy Slim Diet Patch directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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