Traxafen Appetite Suppressant Review with Customer Feedback

Traxafen reviewWhat does it do:
  RealDose Weight Loss Formula No1 is advertised as a multi benefit diet pill that can burn fat, suppress appetite, improve mood and give extra energy

Pros: Some good ingredients and from a respected company. Long money back guarantee. Some good reviews (but also some not so good reviews

Cons: Not in the same league as PhenQ in our opinion

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Traxafen is a diet pill brought to market by AXA Neuroscience and sold via Amazon and eBay. Nothing at all is known about the company and it is not listed on the Better Business Bureau website. It is always a concern when diet pills become available that are produced by a company with an uncheckable track record.

When a company does not have a home page on the web, or offer customers an easy way of making contact, it is doubly bad because it generally means there will be little or no after sales support.

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The Traxafen sales pages on Amazon and eBay provide a few brief statements about what the pills are supposed to do, but do not explain how the results are likely to be achieved. In the majority of cases there is no list of ingredients provided.

The main promised benefits and selling points are:

  • Backed by years of research
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Helps you to burn fat calories more quickly
  • Proven to regulate thyroid activity
  • Improves focus and sustains mental alertness
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Works all day to provide extreme weight loss

What is in Traxafen

What is Traxafen and How Does it Work?

Dieters need to reduce their food intake to such an extent the body becomes so lacking in energy it has to start metabolizing its stores of fat. Eating less is hard and the people who succeed in their aim may find their new low-calorie lifestyle leaves them feeling drained and lacking in energy.

Traxafen is designed to provide the appetite suppression needed to silence a rumbling stomach while also providing the stimulation necessary to prevent feelings of fatigue. If the formulation can also regulate thyroid activity in the promised manner it should help ensure the thyroid secretes a sufficient supply of the “T” hormones that are needed to ensure an efficient metabolism.

Let’s take a close look at the formulation and try to see if it is capable of doing any of these things.

Key Ingredients

Each (one capsule) dose of Traxafen provides 377mg of a proprietary blend that contains:

  • Trimethylpurine: This is just caffeine hiding behind a more technical name. Caffeine’s ability to stimulate the central nervous system and boost mental focus is no secret and explains why it is a core ingredient in so many brands of energy drink. Scientific research shows caffeine can also boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning, so it’s a useful ingredient. Not everyone can tolerate stimulants though. Traxafen will not be suitable for anyone who cannot.
  • Yohimbine: A chemical compound sourced from the bark of an African tree. It has a stimulatory effect and can improve the circulation by dilating the blood vessels. The results of a study conducted over three weeks, in 1991, suggest yohimbine may support fat loss, but the study participants who received yohimbine only lost 3 pounds more than the placebo group.
  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): A stimulant that can boost serotonin levels and enhance the mood. There is also some evidence to suggest 5-HTP may be useful for preventing binge eating.
  • Synephrine HCL: A chemical that is extracted from a species of fruit called citrus aurantium. It’s reputation as a fat burner can be supported by scientific proof, but it’s presence here adds yet another stimulant to the mix.
  • Hordenine HCL: Another stimulant sourced from citrus aurantium. It is believed to possess fat burning abilities, but the ingredient is hopelessly under researched.
  • Schizandrol: A herbal compound that boasts powers of stimulation and is often added to nootropic supplements designed to boost mental focus and concentration.

Usage Instructions

One capsule is required two times per day, 30 minutes after a meal.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are conflicting. Some people say it works, others give it a big thumbs down.

A few typical customer reviews read:

“Traxafen suppresses my appetite really good so it’s easier for me to cut-out the snacks. I’ve lost around 8 pounds so far.”
“If you want a pill that will give the jitters and cause heart palpitations Traxafen will be right up your street. If you want a pill that will help you lose weight, you need to look elsewhere.”
“These pills work great. They’ve helped me lose a lot of weight.”
“Traxafen helped me to waste $70. I’d have been better off spending it in a fancy restaurant. That wouldn’t have been good for my waistline, but neither was Traxafen. Totally disappointed.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

All the ingredients in the diet pill are stimulants, so some users are likely to experience side effects. Anyone thinking of using the pills should play it safe, and seek medical advice before doing so.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Traxafen is available via Amazon and eBay, but there is no way to be certain if it is real Traxafen or a counterfeit product. The price usually ranges from USD$ 25 to USD$ 35 per 60-capsule bottle, but we found one Amazon seller who was charging USD$ 80.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

All the stimulants used in the formulation should deliver the promised energy boost and speed up the metabolism enough to provide faster calorie burning abilities. Improved fat burning abilities also seem likely, but a formulation like this will be too strong for the average person who needs to shed a few pounds.

This diet pill will probably offer the most benefit to bodybuilders and other gym-goers who have a higher tolerance to stimulants thanks to years of supplement use. The pills may also have much to offer as a pre-training energy provider, but the average dieter would be better off choosing an alternative product.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ best choicePhenQ has been a consumer choice since it’s introduction in mid 2015. It has become a best seller in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia as well as several European countries.

PhenQ is ideal for just about anyone – with it’s multi action formula it can help burn and block fat while also helping to reduce appetite and calorie consumption.

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