Tribitor Carb Blocker

TribitorWhat does it do: Tribitor can prevent the absorption of some carbohydrates from high carb content meals

Pros: Some good ingredients. reputable company.

Cons: Other multi benefit diet products are a better choice in our opinion

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Tribitor is a carb blocker developed by Polish scientists and distributed worldwide by the manufacturers

The company has set up quite an impressive website to market and distribute Tribitor.

According to the marketing material, Tribitor is clinically proven to help reduce the glycemic index of high carbohydrate meals and has been tested on 240 people, in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Although we do not doubt the research was done there is a lack of reference provided to this study. No information is volunteered about who conducted the study or where. We searched online and found no reference to the study at any of the usual sources, including NCBI, so we’re inclined to take the claim with a pinch of salt.

On a more positive note, the formulation is vegan vegetarian friendly and gluten free, it also contains some good ingredients. The changes are, it will be capable of blocking carbs. However, carb blocking is only one of many ways the weight loss process can be assisted. Anyone who is serious about losing weight would be far better off choosing a product that has more to offer, but let’s take a closer look at Tribitor and see what it’s likely to do.

Alleged Tribitor Benefits

People who take Tribitor 15 minutes before carb-rich meals are promised reductions in following areas:

  • Glycemic index
  • Sugar cravings
  • Post-meal slumps
  • Late night eating
  • Belly fat
  • Obesity 


How Tribitor is Intended To Work

Carb blockers work by disrupting the normal function of the digestive enzyme that breaks down carbohydrate. It’s called amylase and when its normal function is interfered with it stops some of the carbohydrate provided by the food from being digested.

Carbohydrate contains four calories per gram but the body only gets those calories if the carbohydrate is digested. Any carbohydrate that is not broken down by amylase passes through the intestines untouched, the calories are retained and leave the body with the faeces.

Tribitor blocks carbs in the same way as competing products, but also contains ingredients that have been added to lower the glycemic index.

The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates on a scale of 0 to 100, according to the extent they raise blood sugar levels after they have been consumed.

Food that has a high glycemic index is digested and metabolized rapidly. Food items such as corn flakes and baked russet potato have a GI rating of 77. That’s high. Instant oatmeal is higher still (GI 82).

High GI foods such as these are best avoided because they cause the blood to be hit by such a sugar rush the body has to release extra insulin to bring the blood sugar level down.

When this happens, the amount of insulin released causes the blood sugar level to plummet to a level that is lower than it was before the carbs were consumed.

CarbsThe knock-on effect of this is a craving for sweet food. High GI foods a poor option for anyone who wants to lose weight. They are also not good in general because eating a high GI diet has been linked to heart disease and increases the chance of diabetes.

MarMar investments claim use of their product will prevent peaks in blood sugar and insulin levels and help users to enjoy high carb meals without consequences.

It would be a far more healthy choice to avoid this kind of meal and try to stick to carbs such as asparagus and apples, that have a GI rating at the lower end of the scale.

Dosage and Usage Considerations

Tribitor is a drinkable powder that needs to be mixed with water and consumed 15 minutes before a high carb meal. Anyone who is serious about losing weight would avoid such a meal rather than eating it and then looking for a way to lessen the damage. It’s not a smart way to live, but Tribitor is likely to be very appealing to people who are looking for a way to “cheat”.

Key Ingredients

Each (1 dose) Tribitor sachet contains:

  • White Kidney Bean Extract (1.2g)
  • White Mulberry Leaf Extract (600mg)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (400mg)

Blend Potential

If you were to compile a list of the best carb blocking products, white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) would probably be the key ingredient on most, if not all, of the products that made your list.

It’s probably the best natural carb blocking ingredient there is and in many cases the only difference between one carb blocker and the next is likely to be the white kidney bean inclusion rate and the name on the label.

Needles to say, we are not surprised to see it is the main ingredient in Tribitor.

Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid, and it has proven to be useful for lowering insulin levels, so the presence of green coffee bean extract also has merit. Research suggests white mulberry has similar abilities, so it’s a fitting inclusion as well.

Customer Opinion

We were unable to find any customer reviews.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely, but diabetics should avoid using a product of this nature unless their doctor has told them it is safe to do so. Women who are pregnant or nursing an infant are offered the same advice. As is anyone who is being treated for a medical condition and/or using medication.

Where To Buy Tribitor

The best way to obtain Tribitor is via the official website. People living in the USA also have the option to buy via, but it does not appear to be being distributed by the manufacturers so there are doubts about its authenticity.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

The cost per box (30 sachets) is only £25 (or equivalent in US$ or AUD$). That’s cheap as chips, and customers who place an order for two boxes only pay £45 (£22.50 per box). Ordering three boxes brings the price down to £20 per box, but MarMar investments are only offering a 14-day money back guarantee and that’s a pretty poor show.

The Final Appraisal

Is Tribitor a good carb blocker? We have to admit it probably is, but there is a lot more to losing weight than merely blocking carbohydrate absorption.

Anyone who truly wishes to lose weight will forget the idea of finding a way to eat unhealthy food without paying the consequences, and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

One of the most important changes should be the switch to a low calorie diet. Unfortunately, maintaining a low calorie lifestyle normally results in hunger pangs.

Tribitor is not designed to suppress normal food cravings so it will be off little help. All of the leading diet pills do offer this important level of support and combine it with other features such as faster metabolism (burns extra calories) and improved fat burning capabilities.

Compared with products of this caliber, Tribitor doesn’t even come a close second.

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